Innovative financing mechanisms that create incentives and support adaptation measures, are central to this cluster. It is focusing on the exchange between different national, regional and local approaches and pays attention to the perspectives and respective needs of different stakeholder groups.

Cluster Lead: 

Ben Finkelstein (CV)


Anja Mager (CV)

Financing Mechanisms for Local Climate Action (WS 07)

01/10/2015, 13:30
Room 6, Basement

Financing local climate actions depends on creating the right framework conditions and constantly adapting these conditions to requirements, technical possibilities and market developments. Incentive systems are therefore of key importance and public financing, investment and loans must involve and mobilise investments from private companies in a targeted fashion. Just as important is local value crea- tion through climate activities and its use in municipalities. The workshop will foster sharing experiences with financing mechanisms and incentive systems at local and national level as well as identifying strategies, mechanisms and measures that work well, and also those that have not (yet) worked well.

Tanja Kenkmann, Ökoinstitut
Allison Ashcroft, City of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Nella Canales Trujillo, ODI
Christian Kind, adelphi

Thilo Blennemann, Ministry of the Environment Baden-Württemberg


Inclusive Climate Action (WS 08)

01/10/2015, 15:30
Room 6, basement

Climate action and the energy transition don’t happen by themselves. At the same time, citizens need to get involved and reduce their CO2 emissions in order to reduce the carbon footprints of municipalities and nations on a sustainable basis. In order to involve all groups in society effectively in encouraging or enabling energy efficiency, different approaches have been developed in order to shape climate action in a socially responsible way and to allow everyone to make a contribution. There is a wide range of information and support programmes from governments, municipalities, and associations, which frequently work together on inclusive climate action. Such activities also aim to promoto climate-friendly policies and the transition to green economies.

Susanne Glöckner, BMUB
Almuth Draeger, BMUB
Barbara Kalker, Caritas, Germany
Belynda Petrie, OneWorld, South Africa

Annerose Hörter, 4k 

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